One Small Step

On January 1st I made my first small step and decided to join Weight Watchers. Yesterday was the next small step and I attended my first ever meeting! I was a little nervous and had no idea what the meetings would be like. Did I have to get weighed in front of everyone? Would I get picked on to talk about things because I was new? I should have realized that my fears were completely unfounded and that things would be alright.

By the time 5pm rolled around I was actually really excited to go. (Especially since I had just stopped at Target and picked up some cute new workout leggings!) The first thing that surprised me was how bright and welcoming the meeting center I went to was. There were three check in desks where you could get weighed in privacy behind a blue plastic screen. The opposite wall was filled with Weight Watchers products and it almost felt like going into a tiny grocery store! I was definitely going to have to check that out after the meeting.

Then the meeting leader, Charles, approached me with a bright smile and asked me what was something in the last 7 days that made me feel good that wasn’t involved with Weight Watchers. I informed him that a family friend was visiting and that made me happy. He gave me a big handshake and we talked about the Oprah commercials. It was great to walk into a place that is so warm and wants you to be there and wants to help you be successful.

Once check-in and weigh in were completed I took a seat in the meeting area and complimented a gentleman for his Star Wars shirt (I informed him I just bought a cute Darth Vader Christmas shirt for $1.29!). It was really inspiring listening to the changes that people make in their days to help make things a success and how happy they are to be there. There is a woman who had gastric bypass and with Weight Watchers she had lost an astounding amount of weight and she asked her children how did they know they loved her (inspired by Charles last week) and one of them answered that because she cared about being there and being on this weight loss journey. It really was informative and made me feel like I could totally take this journey on.

Tracking has been going well and most of the Christmas goodies have disappeared from the house, so now I just need to make sure not to bring any in, haha. I’m doing well on trying to make sure I make it to the gym and that helps a lot. I’m excited to be on this journey and I really hope that I don’t end up falling off of it anytime soon. So, wish me luck!