New Year, New Me

So, it’s now officially 2016 and this is the last year of my twenties because I will be turning 30 in August (eek!) So, one of my resolutions is to start upping my social media game a little bit and instead of just letting everything sit on Facebook I might as well get out in the interwebs and interact with more people! So, I’m going to hopefully be using my twitter, instagram, and this blog a lot more. It’s going to be tough to make sure I do it, but I’m damn determined. Hopefully I’ll get a couple followers and they will get on my case to make something happen.

My other goal is to get healthy. I’m not completely unhealthy, but I know I can really get my butt into gear. I need to start making better food choices and really keep up with my fitness. I actually don’t mind going to the gym, but keeping myself motivated is hard. I’m currently working on my 5K goal and we’ll see if I get signed up to run a half-marathon in September of this year. If I don’t then I’m going to continue to keep working on my running goal even if it’s not something I completely enjoy (yet!), but you should always do one thing that scares you.

So, you may be wondering about me. Well, this is my chance to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Lauren and I’m a complete geeky/nerdy fangirl! I’m going to use this blog to talk about those geeky things that make me fangirl and use it as a platform to talk about my weight loss journey as well since documenting things will help. Back to the fun geeky stuff though. I’m passionate about Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, travel, baseball, music, movies, tv shows, and books (lots of books!). I collect far too many Funko Pops and Her Universe runs my wardrobe. I’ll post about various cons that I go to around the year and I’m especially excited about my 4th trip to San Diego Comic Con! Each year has been different and there’s always something exciting going on there.

If you read this far then thank you and I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me 🙂