The Trouble With St. John Review


Now, this isn’t a novel I would normally go picking up, but my friend signed me up to go to a local book club run by a woman on a local radio station. I was excited to see that the author is actually a fellow Minnesotan and she will be at the book club!

It reminds me a lot of Stephanie Plum mixed in with a bit of Shopaholic for the weird things that keep happening to the main character. I would give it a 3.5/4. As always, spoilers in the full review behind the cut!

I really wanted to like this novel because of the fact that the main character, Samantha Stone, is living in Minnesota and the author is from here. I started out being kind of ‘meh’ about the whole story, but it managed to suck me in and keep me guessing until the end! The main problems I had with this novel was the voice of Samantha because she could easily get on your nerves with how she tells her story, but she’s quite endearing after a while.

The story is told as a series of blog updates, which amuses me. It starts out with Samantha Stone from Elkton, Minnesota (I totally feel her on the small town life thing. Been there, done that.) being dumped by her fiancé, Colin, who is an artist in Minneapolis. She starts off by telling you all the woes in her life in Elkton and about what happened with her relationship with Colin. Being dumped at the altar has got to suck, but at least she kept the giant ring and is still going on the honeymoon to St. John! (An un-honeymoon as she calls it). Her bad luck continues through the plane ride, especially when she finds an ad in a magazine when she thought it had been a special made ring. Womp womp.

Luckily she runs into a hottie named Shane who helps her get a little wasted in the airport bar once she arrives in St. John. That’s when things start to get weird. Everyone she meets notices her ring and she spends a lot of time getting drunk and taking Xanax because she has a lot of undiagnosed anxiety. Her villa sucks, her island hottie keeps disappearing on her, and worst – her ring disappears! Thus begins the drama of trying to find her ring and the book gets a little crazy at this point.

She becomes friends with this woman named Leah who is rich and luckily gives her a free makeover. The police don’t believe her story about the missing ring, the villa caretaker gets murdered, she gets almost-kidnapped in her car, and she can’t trust anyone. Samantha does manage to do a good job of slowly uncovering clues throughout the novel that keep you guessing and I thought the ending was a little crazy. The ring is actually stolen from an island museum by Colin and who we are lead to believe is Leah. Surprise, Leah has an identical twin!

Not only is there an identical twin, but there’s also the crazy boyfriend, Jimmie, and Shane is actually named Eddie who is an FBI agent/PI. I think the best part is that her entire town finds out about her blog and reads all bad things she says about them, oops! As with most novels like this everything seems to wrap neatly up in a bow except that the evil twin ran off with Leah and the owner of the actual diamond enlists Samantha to go find them. Yup, our little Samatha gets to leave Elkton and become a detective! The sequel came out in July and I’m not sure if I’ll read it or not, but I have to admit this was a fun quick read. I didn’t predict the ending, which I usually do, so I appreciated that.

All, in all, I’m excited to meet the author next week at the book club and see what she has to say about this series.


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